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Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Program

Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS)

Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) is a USSVI Community Outreach Program whose goal is to bring smiles to children battling challenging medical conditions, anywhere they are being treated. US Submarine Veterans voluntarily do this by giving these children caring attention, Honorary Submariner caps, certificates, photos of submarines and submarine related items during visits.

The Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Program is part of the United States Submarine Veterans Charitable Foundation (USSVCF). The USSVCF is the charitable arm of USSVI. It was formed to further the purpose of the USSVI by assuming the responsibility of some USSVI activities which are charitable in nature. The USSVI purpose, in part, is to “Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country.”

To learn more about the Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) program, watch the video below to see how and why the program works along with a Montage of Submarine action and activities that is shown during visits.



If you are with a facility or an individual that has medically challenged children and would like additional information about our program, contact the Williamsport Base Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Chairman, Don F. Young by filliing in your information in the form below and clicking send. Your email address and other information will be kept confidential.

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