World War II Submarine Memorial

Williamsport Base of United States Submarine Veterans, Inc helps maintain the Submarine Memorial located at the Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park in Williamsport.    

Members of Williamsport Base do this by volunteering their time to help with maintenance of the memorial as well has helping to raise funds to maintain the memorial.

The Submarine Memorial was dedicated on May 16, 1992 to honor the three men from Lycoming County who made the supreme sacrifice while serving on submarines in the Pacific during World War II.   

The three Lycoming County residents lost on submarines are:

FC1 Robert Loque - USS Wahoo (SS-238) lost on 11 Oct 1943 in the La Perouse Straight

LT David Sloan, Jr. (Executive Officer) - USS Corvina (SS-226) lost on 16 Nov 1943 just south of Truk.  Corvina was the only US submarine sunk by a Japanese submarine during the war.

LT(jg) Edward Szendrey - USS Seawolf (SS-197) lost on 3 Oct 1944 sunk in error by USS Rowell.

FC1(SS) Robert Baier Logue

USS Wahoo (SS-238)

11 Oct 43

LT David Kinney Sloan, Jr

USS Corvina (SS-226)

16 Nov 43

LT(jg) Edward Robert Szendrey

USS Seawolf (SS-197)

3 Oct 44

Memorial Committee 

William Barlow (Architectural Design)

John Dieffenbach

William Ort

Marjorie Ort

Jess Hackenburg 

William Reasner

Marty Schaffer 

George Logue

Nelson Heincelman

Susan Reighard

The memorial area was built with donations from Lycoming Countians and deeded to the City of Williamsport for perpetual care.  The lost boat sponsors were the major contributors.

Memorial Design

The 52 base stones are for the boats lost in World War II.   

The black slab represents the 3,505 men who perished in submarines.

The three columns represent the three local men killed in action.

The two side hatches and the three end hatches represent the men who survived, while the two broken ones are for those who died.

Mark 14 Torpedo

Mark 14 Torpedo, Model SA, Serial 1091 on loan from the United States Navy to the residents of Williamsport.

This torpedo is one of 14,000 built between 1939 and 1946 and used on US Fleet Type Submarines in World War II.   

It is 21 feet long and 21 inches in diameter.

It once carried a quarter ton explosive charge and weighs 2,700 lbs.  Restored by the members of the Submarine Memorial Committee of the national veterans organization, US Submarine Veterans of World War II and presented to the citizens of Lycoming County, PA in memory of its servicemen who gallantly gave their lives for the cause of freedom.

Ship's Propellor

The propeller is typical of the two used to propel World War II submarine.

The one displayed at the memorial is from the USS Torsk (SS-423) which is on exhibit at Baltimore Inner Harbor.   Torsk sank the last ship in World War II on August 15, 1945.

The propellor is 7 feet 10 inches in diameter and weighs 3,500 lbs.   It was driven by a 1,250 horsepower electric motor which got its power from four 1,500 horsepower diesel generators.